The Smart Chair 
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"I am suffering from a combination of MS (Multiple Sclerosis) and Arachnoiditis from recent back surgeries that have really limited my mobility. This chair has improved my life incredibly. I love how I can fold the chair up and place it in the trunk of my car."

PJ13This quote is typical of the kind of sentiment that those who have purchased a Smart Chair - seem to have.

It can take up to 30 minutes - from start to finish - to load certain power wheelchairs into a car or a SUV.

This is because besides weighing anywhere from 250 - 300 lbs, many power wheelchairs require a significant degree of disassembly in order to fit into a vehicle.

It ends up being somewhat restrictive on the activity level of a power chair user. But recent advances in technology have resulted in the development of a lighter weight, 50 lb power chair that collapses and folds easily, requiring no disassembly at all.

So, let's take a look at some of the attributes of the Smart Chair

 Features & Benefits

1.) It weighs just 50 lbs. PJ20

2.) It folds in seconds for easier transportation.

3.) It's arm rests are adjustable and can be raised for easy side access.

4.) The joystick can be placed on either the left arm rest or the right.

5.) It has a removable seat and seat cover for cleaning purposes.

6.) It's Lithium Ion battery can last 15 miles in between charges.

7.) It requires very little if any maintenance.

8.) It is an FDA cleared medical device.

 Final Thoughts


The Smart Chair can be found on Currently - it has approximately 55 reviews with a 4 out 5 star positive rating.

If you are under 265 pounds and it sounds like what you are looking for - Able Home Mobility Solutions highly recommends it.

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