EV Rider Transport Folding Travel Mobility Scooter


ms31-copyAre you an active traveler who happens to use a mobility scooter? Is it a real hassle to disassemble your mobility scooter before a trip and then have to reverse the process when you  get to where you are going?


Well the foldable, space saving mobility scooter with next to no disassembly was designed to solve this problem. But why the EV Rider Transport Mobility Scooter?


In the mobility scooter world, the narrower a mobility scooter is, the more new spaces and places become accessible. This may seem rather obvious to the rest of us - but it is of paramount concern for many mobility scooter users.


ms32The EV Rider Transport Folding Travel Mobility Scooter is as light and as narrow as it gets without compromising user stability and maneuverability.


This is accomplished in large part because of a unique articulated front end design allowing for it's "ant - tippers" (which come standard) to not have to extend obtrusively beyond the widest section of it's narrow frame.


Equally notable is it's remarkable folding ability that makes it as easy to lug around as a golf cart.


Furthermore - the slight disassembly required to get it to collapse and fold is nothing short of a snap.


Here are some of it's main features and benefits.



Features & Benefits



ms371.) Upright stowing ability for closets and corners.


2.) Tiller type - is height adjustable for easy arm reach.


3.) 3 step folding for easy pulling around.


4.) 10 - 15 mile coverage in between charges.


5.) Articulated front end design for greater stability.


6.) Standard "anti -tipper" wheels also for added stability.


7.) Load capacity - accommodates user weight up to 250 lbs.



Final Thoughts



ms36The EV Transport Folding Travel Mobility Scooter is currently available on Amazon.com


It has a verified 4 out of  5 star positive rating and is also highly recommended by ABLE Home Mobility Solutions.


If you would like to be taken directly to it's page on Amazon.com, click on the EV Rider Transport Scooter link below.



EV Rider Transport Folding Travel Mobility Scooter (click here)










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